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Master Bushing

The master bushing is intended to work together with kelly bushing to drive drill string, and it is manufactured strictly following API Spec 7K, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 standards.

1. Manufactured from alloy steel castings, our rotary table master bushing (including insert bowl) is available from 171/2to 371/2 inches.

2. According to its structure, our master bushing is divided into two types which are solid type and split type.

3. Based on drive method, our product is classified into pin drive master bushing and square drive master bushing, and it fits well for API rated rotary slip, casing slip, drill collar slip and kelly bushing.

Technical Data of Master Bushing
Product Rotary table size (inch) Insert bowl Tubular OD (inch)
MSS master bushing (solid body/split body) 171/2 API bowl 1011 23/8-85/8
EXT. bowl 1024
201/2 API bowl 1011 23/8-85/8
EXT. bowl 1024
271/2 API bowl 1022 23/8-85/8
EXT. bowl 1025
Insert bowl 1026 95/8-103/4
MDSP master bushing (split body) 171/2 EXT. No.3 taper 23/8-85/8
201/2 EXT. No.3 taper 23/8-85/8
MSPC master bushing (solid body) 201/2 EXT. bowl 1809 23/8-85/8
bowl 1902 95/8-103/4
Body only 1805 113/4-133/8
271/2 Bowl 1810 (No.3) 23/8-85/8
Bowl 1904 (No.2) 95/8-103/4
Bowl 1903 (No.1) 113/4-133/8
MSP master bushing (split body) 271/2 EXT. No.3 taper 23/8-85/8
MPCH master bushing 371/2 Bowl 6608(No3) 23/8-85/8
Bowl 6609 (No.2) 95/8-103/4
Bowl 6610 (No.1) 113/4-133/8