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Casing Bushing

Compliant with API Spec 7K, the casing bushing is fabricated from high quality alloy steel to offer high strength and good durability. It could connect API rated casing slip or drill collar slip so as to be applicable for different casings, and it is very convenient to replace existing/old bushings.

Our product is classified into CU casing busing, CUL casing bushing and CB casing bushing, and these models accommodate casing sizes from 95/8 to 30 inches. In addition, models CU and CUL are solid casing bushings, while the model CB is a split casing bushing.

Casing bushings are inserted directly into rotary table to ensure that the casing being run is perfectly aligned with the center of borehole, and insert bowls can be inserted as well to fit for different-sized casings. Now, casing slips are also often utilized to facilitate casing running operation.

Technical Data of Casing Bushing
Rotary table size (inch) Bushing Casing size (inch)
Type P/N 95/8 113/4-133/8 16 185/8-20 24 26 30
171/2, 201/2 CU Body and insert bowl Body 3102 and insert bowl 1902 Body 3102 - - - - -
26, 271/2 CUL - Body 3103 and insert bowl 3105 Body 3103 and insert bowl 3104 Body 3103 - - -
271/2 CB Body 6695 and insert bowl 6114 Body 6695 and insert bowl 6126 Body 6695 and insert bowl 6127 Body 6695 - - -
371/2, 491/2 Body 20 and insert bowl 6114 Body 20 and insert bowl 6126 Body 20 and insert bowl 1627 Body 20 Body 24 Body 26 Body 30