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    1. Kelly BushingThe kelly bushing is an indispensable device for petroleum drilling, and it is used to drive kelly with the help of a master bushing. It makes use of four rollers to reduce friction between itself and kelly so as to extend its service life, and the rollers can be changed to fit for square or hexagonal kelly.
    1. Master BushingBased on drive method, our product is classified into pin drive master bushing and square drive master bushing, and it fits well for API rated rotary slip, casing slip, drill collar slip and kelly bushing.
    1. Casing BushingOur product is classified into CU casing busing, CUL casing bushing and CB casing bushing, and these models accommodate casing sizes from 95/8 to 30 inches. In addition, models CU and CUL are solid casing bushings ...
    1. Chain SlingThe chain sling, also called chain lifting sling or simply lifting sling, is a robust and durable tool used to hoist and transfer bushings and insert bowls. P/N 1021 chain sling: A two leg chain sling that uses two hooks to lift and transport insert bowls ...

Bushings are commonly utilized in oil drilling operations, and they are further divided into several types according to their application purposes, such as kelly bushing, master bushing and casing bushing. These products are made by casting alloy steel, and they are either pin driven or square driven.