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Sucker Rod Elevator

The sucker rod elevator is mainly composed of bail, solid body and rod plate, so it is a plate-type sucker rod elevator which could work together with various sucker rods by replacing the plate rather than changing the entire elevator.

As a kind of offshore drilling tool for handling sucker rods, our rod elevator allows easy operation and excellent balance, and it also realizes safe latching and unlatching.

The sucker rod elevator is manufactured according to API Spec 8C, and it is widely used inworkovers and well servicing operations.

Technical Data of Sucker Rod Elevator
Rod size (inch) Bail diameter (mm) Max. load (ton)
1/2-5/8 19 20
5/8-3/4 23
3/4-7/8 26
1 30
11/8 32
11/4 35
5/8-3/4 23 25
3/4-7/8 26
7/8-1 30