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Type SJ Single Joint Elevator

The type SJ single joint elevator is produced according to API Spec 8C, and it is provided in a wide range of specifications to fit for workover, well drilling and well cementing operations.

This auxiliary elevator is of great significance for lifting or lowering single pipe since it helps drilling crew finish work without damaging shoulders or threads, and its maximum load reaches up to 60kN. In this regard, this single joint elevator is an indispensable tool in oilfield.

Technical Data of Type SJ Single Joint Elevator
Type Applicable pipe OD (inch/mm) Max. load (kN)
SJ 23/8-31/2 (60.3-88.9) 45
SJ 4-51/2 (101.6-139.7) 45
SJ 65/8-75/8 (168.3-193.7) 45
SJ 85/8-103/4 (219.1-273.1) 45
SJ 113/4-133/8 (298.5-339.7) 45
SJ 16-20 (406.4-508.0) 60
SJ 211/2-241/2 (546.1-622.3) 60
SJ 26-28 (660.4-711.2) 60
SJ 30-36 (762.0-914.4) 60