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Bottleneck Elevator

The bottleneck elevator contains two series which are DDZ and DDZ TD, and DDZ is a center latch elevator while DDZ TD is atop drive elevator with center latch. Despite of their differences, these two series are both applicable for 18 degree taper shoulder drill pipes, so they are also referred to as 18 degree center latch elevator.

1. This oil drilling tool is very useful for top drive system in oil and gas drilling. It helps to suspend taper drill pipes in a reliable and convenient way during tripping operation, and it also prolongs the service life of blow out preventer.

2. Our bottleneck elevator is compliant with API Spec 8C, and it is tested at 2 times the maximum load to make sure it is durable enough for long-term use. Moreover, it is also tested at 1.5 times the rated load before delivery.

Technical Data of Bottleneck Elevator
Model Applicable drill pipe (inch) Bore diameter (mm) Elevator mark Max. load (ton/kN)
DDZ67 23/8 EU 67 23/8 EU DDZ:

DDZ83 27/8 EU 83 27/8 EU
DDZ101 31/2 EU 101 31/2 EU
DDZ109 4 IU 109 4 IU
DDZ121 4 EU 121 4 EU
41/2 IU 41/2 IU
41/2 IEU 41/2 IEU
DDZ133 41/2 EU 133 41/2 EU
DDZ148 51/2 IEU 148 51/2 IEU
DDZ159 57/8 IEU 159 57/8 IEU
DDZ179 65/8 IEU 179 65/8 IEU