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    1. Sucker Rod ElevatorAs a kind of offshore drilling tool for handling sucker rods, our rod elevator allows easy operation and excellent balance, and it also realizes safe latching and unlatching. The sucker rod elevator is manufactured according to API Spec 8C ...
    1. Drill Pipe ElevatorThis oil drilling elevator is made from high quality alloy steel, and it also receives special heat treatment. As a result, it boasts light weight, small size and large capacity, thus greatly alleviating operators' burden.
    1. Casing ElevatorThe SLX series casing elevator is a hoisting tool designed and manufactured to suspend drill pipe, drill collar, casing and tubing in oil and gas drilling projects. This side door elevator is compliant with API Spec 8C, and it allows safe, easy and reliable operation.
    1. Slip Type ElevatorOur tubing slip elevator conforms to API Spec 8A/8C, and it could work perfectly with diverse kinds of tubing and casing by replacing its slip body or guide plate. This center latch elevator is constructed in two halves of practically the same weight, and there are conical holes in the center to install slips.
    1. Center Latch ElevatorOur center latch tubing elevator provides normal performance from -20℃ to +70℃, and it is exceptionally suitable to handle 90 degree taper shoulder drill pipe whose diameter is within 23/8-51/2 inches.
    1. Side Latch ElevatorMeeting the requirements of API Spec 8C, our side door elevator is made from high quality alloy steel, and it is characterized by light weight, high strength and easy use. All the main parts of our side latch elevator have passed ...
    1. Type SJ Single Joint ElevatorThis auxiliary elevator is of great significance for lifting or lowering single pipe since it helps drilling crew finish work without damaging shoulders or threads, and its maximum load reaches up to 60kN.
    1. Type SP Single Joint ElevatorThe type SP single joint elevator is an oil rig hoisting tool used in drilling, servicing and cementing for oil and gas wells, and its major purpose is to lift or lower taper tubing. This auxiliary elevator is manufactured in accordance with ...
    1. Bottleneck Elevator

      This oil drilling tool is very useful for top drive system in oil and gas drilling. It helps to suspend taper drill pipes in a reliable and convenient way during tripping operation, and it also prolongs the service life of blow out preventer.

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Elevators, including sucker rod elevator, drill pipe elevator, casing elevator, slip type elevator and others, are very practical and necessary hoisting tools for oil drilling projects, and they are installed in links which are on two sides of the hook of hoisting system so as to raise or lower casing, tubing and drill pipe during tripping operation. In addition, our elevator is available in different specifications to suit for a wide range of drill pipes.