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Type DB Manual Tongs

The type DB manual tongs are developed to make up or break out connections of drill pipes, casings and corresponding joints for oil and gas drilling projects. As an oil drilling tool, our manual drill pipe tong could be outfitted with different latch lug jaws, hinge jaws and handling shoulders to provide various gripping ranges, and its max. torque is 90 or 55kN·m.

Standard for Type DB Manual Tongs
1. API Spec 7K: Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Equipment
2. SY/T 5035: National Standard for Petroleum and Gas Industry: Elevator Links, Elevators and Tongs

Technical Data of Type DB Manual Tongs (Q31/2-17-90)
Latch lug jaw Gripping range Max. torque (kN·m)
No. of latch lug jaw No. of axle pin hole inch mm
1 Latch lug jaw I 31/2-41/2 89~114 90
41/2-6 114~152
II 5-7 127~178
III 6-81/4 152~210
2 I 8-95/8 203~244
II 105/8-111/4 270~286
3 Hinge jaw I 113/4-123/4 298~324 55
II 133/8-143/8 340~365
4 III 16-17 406~432