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Type E Pneumatic Spider

The type E pneumatic spider is one of the most versatile spiders in our product catalog, so it is also known as multifunctional pneumatic spider. With a rated load capacity of 175 tons, this offshore drilling tool is applicable for 23/8-75/8 inch tubing, drill pipe and other tubular objects.

1. Our pneumatic spider is manufactured from heat treated alloy steel, so it is very robust and long-lasting.

2. All the bushings are equipped with grease fittings, and these grease fittings can be replaced for extended wear.

3. This alloy steel pneumatic spider has a safety latch so as to fix slips at set positions, and slips won’t be released from tubing until they are raised by elevators.

Technical Data of Type E Pneumatic Spider (E/175)
Slip size (inch) Tubular range Pneumatic pressure requirement
inch mm MPa Psi
31/2 23/8 60.3 0.6-0.9 87-130
27/8 73
31/2 88.9
51/2 4 101.6
41/2 114.3
5 127
51/2 139.7
7 61/4 158.8
65/8 168.3
7 177.8
75/8 75/8 193