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Type QQP Pneumatic Spider

1. The type QQP pneumatic spider has a simple but fully enclosed structure to facilitate installation and operation, and it takes air as its power source to realize high efficiency and low failure rate.

2. As a result of its unique design, the drill pipe spider offers big clamping force, and its dimensional accuracy reaches up to as high as 0.01-0.03mm.

3. This well servicing equipment could be powered by pumps. In fact, 8-10 pneumatic spiders can work simultaneously through one pump, and the pressure gyrator could loose clamp without air leaking.

4. Our tubing spider is constructed from high-quality materials via special heat treatment, so its service life is extended to as long as 3 years.

The type QQP pneumatic spider is universally utilized to hold tubing, casing and drill pipe during workovers.

Technical Data of Type QQP Pneumatic Spider
Model Max. load (ton/kN) Pipe size (mm/inch)
QQP/585 60 (585) 60.3-88.9 (23/8-31/2)
QQP/675 75 (675) 60.3-88.9 (23/8-31/2)
QQP/900 100 (900) 60.3-127 (23/8-5)