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    1. Type CMS Casing SlipsBy adding or subtracting segments and dies, the multi-segment slip could accommodate casings with different diameter. So, it is compatible with worn casings whose outer diameters have changed. Aside from this, our casing running tool is also characterized by light weight and firm gripping.
    1. Type UC Casing SlipsBeing compliant with API Spec 7K and SY/T 5049-91, this well drilling slip provides firm and wrap-around gripping for casings, and its gripping range is pretty wide.
    1. Type DCS Drill Collar SlipsAs a piece of cost-effective offshore well drilling equipment, this multi-segment drill collar slip is able to handle all drill collars from 3"(76.2mm) to 14"(355.6mm) in OD, and it contains three models which are DCS-S, DCS-R and DCS-L.
    1. Type SD Rotary Slips

      This rig handling tool is applicable for drill pipes whose diameter range is within 23/8-51/2 inches (60.3-139.7mm). Based on the gripping length, our rotary hand slip is divided into three models which are SDS (short), SMDL (medium) and SDXL (extra long) ...

    1. PS-275 Pneumatic SlipsThis air-operated slip could be installed in all rotary tables to work instead of master bushing, and it is able to scrape mud during tripping. Our pneumatic slip is characterized by simple operation, safe running, big hoisting force ...
    1. Safety ClampOwning to the multi-segment design, this rig handling tool provides uniform gripping pressure around drill pipes, so there is little risk of crushing thin-walled pipes or damaging pipe surfaces. As a piece of cost-effective well drilling ...
    1. Type W Flake Rotary SlipsThis oil well drilling tool is applicable for tubular goods with different outer diameters, and operators just need to change corresponding slip inserts. In this regard, our product could serve as casing slip, drill collar slip or drill pipe slip.

Slips are universally utilized in oil and gas rig floors to hold drill pipes, drill collars or casings by changing slip inserts and circular buttons, and they are indispensable oil drilling tool for making up or breaking out connections.

Thanks to its multi-segment design, our slip works well with casing, drill pipe or drill collar whose outer diameter has changed due to wear and tear. In addition, our slips, including casing slip, rotary slip, pneumatic slip, drill collar slip and other models, all boast light weight, robust structure and wide gripping range.