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Dies and Inserts

Tong Dies and Slip Dies

1. Our dies and inserts are manufactured from high-quality structural alloy steel via forging process, so they possess uniform microstructure, high mechanical strength and good fatigue resistance.

2. As a result of special chemical heat treatment, the surface hardness and core hardness of our rig handling tool are HRC 60 and HRC35, respectively.

3. These alloy steel inserts have a long service life since they are resistant to skid, wear and corrosion, and they won't do damage to pipe surfaces.

Our dies and inserts offer excellent gripping effect and reduce total investment at the same time, making them commonly used for hermetically sealed tubular goods and corrosion-resistant chrome pipes in high-pressure oil/gas wells and wells with corrosive gas. In addition, our dies and inserts could be designed and manufactured according to customers' requirements.