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Bit Breakers

    1. Tricone Bit BreakerThe tricone bit breaker is a useful tool for making up or breaking out standard tricone bit in the process of petroleum and natural gas well drilling and workover. Customers can choose the oil rig handling tool based on the size ...
    1. Bit Breaker Adapter PlateThis range of drilling tool is suitable for the turntable bushing of MPCH, MSPC, MDSP, or MSP series. The wellhead equipment of 1816 series and 1815 series are for the turntable bushing of 23-491/2 inch and 171/2-21 inch, respectively.

The bit breakers are mainly used for the breakout of standard tricone bit during well drilling and workover. Newly developed, the compact structure of the offshore drilling tool is conducive to the easy operation of the petroleum equipment. The square baffle, as well as the axis pin, makes the drill pipe make-up and breakout device suitable for the breakout of the turnplate with square drive kelly bushing and axle pin drive kelly bushing, helping improve the working efficiency, greatly. The bit breakers for oil well drilling enjoy sound reputation home and abroad.