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Snubbing Blowout Preventer

1. The side outlet of the snubbing blowout preventer is hydraulically controlled and can be opened linearly, which effectively reduces the labor cost.
2. To shorten the overall length, the side outlet and the ram of the snubbing blowout preventing device employ one control cylinder.
3. The cross section of the ram chamber for the oilfield blowout preventer is round, achieving small size and powerful pressure bearing capacity of the housing.
4. Produced from anti-corrosion and abrasion resistant technology, the side outlet and housing for the snubbing blowout preventer support frequent opening and closing.
5. Designed with combined sealing, the side outlet of the well control device ensures high reliability and long lifespan of the drilling equipment.
6. The flanged structure of the well drilling blowout preventer enables easy and reliable on-site installation.
7. The wellhead pressure and the impurities will not affect the running hydraulic system, since the hydraulic cylinder for the petroleum blowout preventing equipment is completed separated from the ram chamber of the snubbing blowout preventer.