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Annular BOP

As an important part for the well control device, the annular BOP is mainly used for controlling wellhead pressure in the process of well drilling, workover, and oil test. It helps prevent blowout accident and realize safe operation. This product shall work in conjunction with hydraulic control device for offshore drilling. Generally, it is used together with a ram BOP.

To fully satisfy customer demand, the annular BOP is designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirement specified in API Spec 16A and GB/T20174.

1. The well drilling equipment comes with the elastomeric seal with large reserve. In addition to the small frictional resistance during opening and closing, the elastomeric seal has outstanding sealing capacity. More importantly, it is interchangeable with the foreign elastomeric seal of the same type.
2. Adopting hemispherical top cap, the annular BOP eliminates the stress concentration under pressure. Therefore, the stress delivered to the housing of the drilling rig is uniform, and the assembly and disassembly are quite easy (except the oil rig with tapered elastomeric seal).
3. A wearing ring is designed for the petroleum blowout preventer. The piston is engineered with short stroke and low height.
4. Long lifespan of the skeleton oil seal.