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Blowout Preventers

    1. Snubbing Blowout PreventerProduced from anti-corrosion and abrasion resistant technology, the side outlet and housing for the snubbing blowout preventer support frequent opening and closing. Designed with combined sealing, the side outlet of the well control ...
    1. DiverterEmploying skeleton oil seal, the dynamic seal for the diverter has self-sealing function. Apart from the reduction of abrasion, the sealing performance is enhanced, also. The first class elastomeric seal and the sealing element ...
    1. Annular BOPTo fully satisfy customer demand, the annular BOP is designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirement specified in API Spec 16A and GB/T20174. The well drilling equipment comes with the elastomeric seal with large reserve ...
    1. Coiled Tubing BOPApart from the hydraulic control device, the ram is engineered with manual locking device to ensure the high operational safety in case there is hydraulic oil loss. The full sealing and semi-sealing of the oil well control device ...
    1. Rotary BOPThe lubricating oil for the offshore rig is forced to lubricate the bearing of the rotation control device, ensuring good reliability and long lifespan of the bearings. Convenient and reliable, the combination of the hydraulic cylinder ...
    1. Ram BOP

      The ram chamber can be installed with ram assembly of the same type purchased from other countries. Coming in compact structure, the ram BOP has smaller volume, compared with overseas offshore drilling tool.


SAIFU is a professional petroleum blowout preventer supplier located in China. With over ten years of experience in the field of drilling tools, our company has passed a series of certifications, like ISO9001-2008, ISO1400:2004, and GB/T28001-2011. The blowout preventers we can offer include snubbing blowout preventer, diverter, annular BOP, coiled tubing BOP, rotary BOP, and ram BOP.

As the critical part for the well control device, our product is widely used in well drilling, workover, and well testing. The reliable product quality and the affordable price make the blowout preventer highly recognized in Europe, America, the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Southeast Asia, among others. If you are interested in the well drilling tool such as tongs, slips, elevator, bushing, and casing spider, please kindly visit our website. Your contact is highly appreciated.